Avis and Brent

Brownlee’s Metro is a full service supermarket located on Wilson Street in the Town of Perth. We are an independently owned franchise of Metro Ontario Inc.

Avis and Brent Brownlee have been the owners of the Perth store since 1978, and are extremely fortunate to have a management team of experienced individuals who provide the best products and service possible.


There has been a grocery store located at 50 Wilson Street in Perth since the 1960’s. Originally owned by the Rubino family, who had run other grocery stores in Perth since the 1930’s, the IGA Foodliner was purchased by Ron Brownlee in 1978.

In 1980, a devastating fire levelled the building but by January of 1981, a new IGA was built on the existing site. The store was expanded on two occasions during the 1980’s going from IGA to Loeb and eventually to Brownlee’s Metro in 2009. The store has recently been renovated to provide a new look and to offer more fresh products.


Brownlee’s Metro is a full service supermarket with a full offering from several departments. Here you will find old-fashion service – people who are willing to help you find a product, pack, and carry out your order.



Metro offers a wide selection of products, including local items like such as: Crerar’s Honey, Perth Pepper & Pestle products, and Golden Maples Maple Syrup. In addition, we offer a wide selection of gluten free & diabetic products as well as environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

General Manager, Will Ireton, oversees the day-to-day operations of the thousands of products and many employees who make up the Grocery department. With over 50 years experience in the grocery business, Will leads with a strong work ethic and extensive product knowledge.

meat department


Our Meat department sets us apart from all other stores in the region. The combination of excellent product, skilled butchering, and great pricing dominates our competition.

The Meat Manager, Colin, has many years of experience. The Butchers, Pat Loftus, Jim Brown, Sharon Scanlon and Allen McDougall have an average of 25 years of service. And Gail Teal helps keep the product coming fresh all day.

Do not hesitate to ask any of our meat staff to prepare special cuts for you, or answer any questions on proper preparation.



Our produce department is constantly striving to provide the freshest products at the best possible price.

With over 25 years experience all at Brownlee’s Metro, Manager Gord Palmer orders the best from Metro’s warehouse and local suppliers to provide a large variety of fresh products everyday.




The deli, situated just inside the front door, offers freshly sliced meats, delicious deli salads, and a wide selection of imported and local cheeses. This department also offers fast, ready-to-eat or cook products like: BBQ chickens, fresh-to-go pizzas, salads, sandwiches and hot lunch specials.

With 23 years service at Brownlee’s Metro, manager Georgina King and her staff are happy to help you with any special orders for meat, cheese, sandwiches or snacking trays. Check out our counter and experience our great service.



Our bakery, led by Manager, starts the day early and continues baking throughout the day to ensure freshness.

In addition to our regular fresh-baked breads and rolls, we bake the Premiere Moisson line of authentic specialty breads and rolls.

We also offer a cake program where you can pick a design that best suits your special occasion. We can put any image you please on the cake with W.E.E. Ink Edible images, or take home one of our cakes prepared fresh daily in-store.

front end

Front End Service

Despite the quality of products, we know that customers will only return if they receive excellent service. We try to achieve a friendly, small-town atmosphere with courteous cashiers and full packing /carry-out service to your car. It is this extra amount of service that we hope creates loyal customers.




Brownlee’s Metro provides an in-town delivery service. Simply inform the cashier that you would like delivery and we will pack it up and deliver it right to your door. We will even shop for you if you please: email, fax or call in your order and we will ensure it gets picked up and delivered right to your door.